January 25th, 2016

Wrapped up the CAAEL volleyball and soccer season last week and we’re starting basketball this week….meanwhile, the chess and bowling leagues are also going on! 🙂 Keeping kids busy all week long!

Wanted to share some quotes from game reports that recently came in regarding the volleyball and soccer season……

“Coach brusa was amazing as always. He had a smile on his face the whole time and it rubbed off on his students. Him having a positive attitude made everyone had a great attitude.”
“Did a great job not coaching just his team, but also coaching my students also like they were his own.”
“Tyler is always a great coach and ref. She has a way with her kids that only a handful of coaches do. Always a pleasure playing against her”
“Their coach was very understanding and helpful with us only having 3 students. He explained the situation to his players in a way that they could understand and wanted to help.”
“The students and staff of Allendale did a great job of not overpowering us. After scoring five goals they played several quarters without attempting to score. ”
“Both Coaches for Cyd lash were fantastic. Great balance of teaching/coaching and letting the students positively express themselves. The last game we mixed the teams up and everyone had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs! that’s what CAAEL is about! ”
“Coach Doug does a great job explaining rules and expectations before the game. Throughout the game he provides positive feedback to both teams improving both sides.”
“I love playing Gretchen’s team. She knows her students very well, and mine. My students respect her as one of their own staff. We were low on players and she was willing to play on our team the last game. It was great.”
“Coach Steve is always a pleasure to play! He has a great attitude which transfers to his kids having a great time as well! Great way to end the season!”
“No problem players…kids were great, even had some play on our team since we haD only 4 kids. coach Doug n Erik were great hosts. we felt very welcome by all in the school. loved the caael chant at end !!!!”
“Great coaches, really involved and understand the meaning and purpose of CAAEL”
“They were fantastic. One kid was having a melt down and they did a great job keeping him off the court and getting him back to baseline. They helped with rotating their players to help our team since we were short kids. ”
“Coach always has a great group of kids, who understand the meaning of CAAEL and what sportsmanship is all about. Well done.”
“Tracy was positive as always. She was very flexible as we only had 5 students. We contacted her about the fact that we only had 5 players and she was very accommodating. We played a 3rd game for fun and the Plainfield students were very excited to switch it up and play with our students. We then decided we would do a boys vs girls game for fun and the students seemed to have a blast. The students seemed to have a great time. The official and the scorekeeper (I can’t remember their names – so sorry) were also very helpful and attentive.”
“Steve had a great attitude. Understood the purpose of CAAEL and demonstrated that well.”
“Plainfield Academy has an absolute fabulous coaching staff! They are positive, supportive, and knowledgeable about the game!”

“Naperville’s players were a class act during game time. We were short a few players and had to borrow one of theirs. It was his last volleyball game before graduation and was more then willing to come over to help us out. It showed that he has learned so much from Caael and his coach during his time with us.”
“Outstanding job by both teams!!! There were 9 goals scored in game today. After each goal, the player who scored went over to the goalie and gave a high five or shook their hand. With that, these 2 teams showed what the definition of sportsmanship is about. When a player experiencing the high of success, makes sure the person who feels failure is ok and let them know they had great effort and encouraged them to keep going!! Both teams were tremendous at showing this today. ”
“Camelot players were outstanding!! Had 4 instances where kids fell to ground and all four times both players stopped to help each other up and make sure each other was all right!! Great to see positive interaction between the teams ”
“Both teams had outstanding sportsmanship! Lots of handshakes, high fives, and even introducing themselves while there was a break in the action. Nice to see the 2 teams get along so well and still play a competitive game. ”
“The players played the game with heart and sportsmanship. They were not there to run up the score and it showed they wanted to have fun and a good game. ”
“Rivers Edge players all had great attitudes. they were laughing and enjoying the game. I saw tons of high fives after goals; from players on both teams with the opposing team. After the game one of our (SEALSouth) players, gave the ribbon he won to a player on Rivers Edge because he thought she was more deserving of the ribbon. It was truly a meaningful gesture and really shows the spirit of sportsmanship. Just wanted to mention that.”
“GON players were just great to play against. They volunteered to play with us since we were short handed and played their hearts out. ”
“Great job! They were short a couple players so we rotated kids to play on their team throughout game. Kids had great interaction, played as a team, and had positive comments the entire time.”
“Seal’s players showed outstanding sportsmanship with volunteering for our team and lots of high fives to both teams and great attitude on and off the court.”
“The players had a great game and were always congratulating each other on both teams. A few of them came over to our team willingly to help out and were very flexible in playing different positions.”
“What a relaxed, yet hard-playing group of boys. Great attitudes and effort.”
“SEAL South players were extremely nice, polite, and great to work with. It was great to see their hussle, teamwork, and enthusiasm. It is just great to see when two teams are able to mix teams and be able to play for fun and enjoy themselves.”
“Respectful group! They gave great advice to our players without embarrassing them. Advice from peers is very useful and I appreciated it.”