Since 1976, Chicago Area Alternative Education League, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, has successfully provided a full spectrum of interscholastic academic and athletic programs to thousands of Chicagoland’s most at-risk boys and girls ranging from ages 7-21.

Used throughout the school day, it motivates these boys and girls to come to school, complete their assignments, and behave appropriately. CAAEL is integrated directly into the curriculum and all activities take place during school hours.

And through CAAEL’s emphasis on sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork vs. winning and losing, educators use their CAAEL membership to teach the skills needed to be both successful students and productive citizens.

A Chicago Area Alternative League school membership includes leagues and tournaments for chess, bowling, art, soccer, volleyball, softball, flag football, basketball, academic bowls and spelling bees.


Words from our schools and volunteers

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